Employee savings and Retirement Plan

ASCA Asset Management uses efficient and innovative products and services to assist companies of all sizes and their employees in setting up and managing their employee and retirement savings. Our clients, both corporates and savers, are closely involved in the development of our offers and services through an enhanced customer care. 

Are you a company manager? Do you want to or have you already set up a social savings scheme in your company? This is a great starting point! Thanks to the expertise of a dedicated account manager, we can help you optimise your social savings scheme. Apart from being beneficial to you and your employees, employee savings schemes are important levers for increasing the motivation and loyalty of your employees. With these schemes, you can benefit from important tax and social exemptions. 

As optional, extremely flexible and adaptable solutions, employee savings schemes allow you to meet executive expectations in a targeted manner, regardless of the size of your company. Employee savings are undoubtedly the most efficient alternative remuneration method for employees and managers.

Why should you entrust someone with the task of managing your portfolio instead of doing it yourself?

With Employee Savings, the company helps its employees to build up useful capital for their projects:

  • Organise your projects’ funding, regardless of the project 
    • Fund property acquisition (land, building your house, etc.)
    • Pay for your children’s education,
    • Build up precautionary savings
    • Build up additional income for your retirement
  • Benefit from savings with financial and fiscal advantages  
    • Convert unclaimed vacation days into employee savings
    • Annual bonuses and premiums exempt from corporate tax
  • Benefit from flexible and painless savings 
    • Can be built up with little effort via many funding sources,
    • Possibility to set the amount and frequency of payment that suits you
    • If necessary, payouts through early release.